Nobbie the teddy bear

                        Well Nobbie is not my real name it's my teddy bear's name 
      I had Nobbie since I was one year old. Nobbie has been my beary heheh get it beary 
     best friend here are more pictures of Nobbie 
                                                           Isn't Nobbie cute 

                                       Guess what happened to the car after that hehehe

                                                   Nobbie looks so sleepy -_-
Happy  New Year


HarryPotterGeek said...

That's so cute! I like how you said "Guess what happened to the car after that"

nobbie said...

hehehe Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I have a teddy bear and a monkey from when I was 1 and 4 that my family gave to me. Nobbie is so cute :)

Happy New Year